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Cabinet Franc - votre cabinet d'avocats en droit du travail et droit des sociétés


The Law Firm FRANC acts both in legal matters (legal advices, draft of documents and contracts) and in case of litigation before the Courts.

It may represent its clients before all first instance and appeal Courts in France and Belgium..

Labour Law

The Law Firm FRANC may act both for employees or employers.

It defends employees in all types of litigation against their employers.

It advises French and Foreign companies for the draft of any documents or contracts, for dismissal procedures and for economical reorganizations.

Company Law

The Law Firm FRANC helps its French or Foreign clients during all the steps of a company’s life from its registration to its eventual dissolution and for all types of litigation.

It can also help its clients to register holding companies in Belgium.

Air Transportation

The Law Firm FRANC has a particular expertise in all questions related to air transportation and is proud to be the local lawyer of famous airlines.

Intellectual Property

The Law Firm FRANC may help its clients for copyrights problems and in case of defamation.

Distribution, Commerce

The Law Firm FRANC assists French and Foreign companies for drafting franchise or distribution agreements and may represent them in case of litigation.

Debt Recovery

The Law Firm FRANC may recover commercial debts all over France and Belgium.

Criminal Law

The Law Firm FRANC mays assists its clients before Criminal Courts in France and in Belgium.